What you think you want for your show. But you don’t.

In the hundreds of times I have asked TheaterMakers what they want . . . what they truly want . . . what the answer to their theater-making prayers would be . . . can you guess what the answer is?

“I want a Producer.”

If this is you . . . if you’re one of these TheaterMakers who have said “I want a Producer,” then, well, how do I say this . . .

You’re wrong.

Wait, wait, wait . . . don’t be like that.  Don’t walk away just yet.  Hear me out.

I understand why you want a Producer.

You want someone to come up with a plan to put your show on a stage.  You want someone with more connections than you have on your team.  You want someone to raise the money. 

It makes sense you’d pray for a Producer.

But I promise you don’t want A Producer.  You want the RIGHT Producer.

Wanting a Producer is like someone saying, “I want a wife.  I want a husband.”

You know what?  If you really want a spouse . . . any spouse . . . you can find it.  But do you just want anyone?

No . . . you want someone who is going to be your partner.  Someone who challenges you.  Someone who inspires you.  Someone who loves you, no matter what.

It’s the same with the search for a Producer.  And the relationship is almost as close!  (And often . . . lasts longer!)  .

For many, the search for a Producer is the search for validation.  It’s the idea that someone is telling you that you are good enough.  Good enough to get optioned  Good enough to get produced.

And I understand that desire.  Believe me.  When I started out, I was right there with you.  All that I dreamed about was someone picking up my stuff, or even partnering with me.  

And because of that, I got desperate.  And I made some big-time mistakes with some small-time Producers (who BSed about how big-time they were) that cost me money, time, and heartache.

(Now that I think about it – I did the same thing in my love life until I found the perfect mate for me.)

So, first . . . you don’t want a Producer.  You want the right one.   And just that change in your mindset will give you more power as you put your stuff out there in the world.  You’re not going to marry anyone.  I won’t let you.

Second, until you find the “right one,” there is plenty you can do on your own . . . that will make you even more attractive to the perfect partner.

And, you’ll find yourself beating off Producers with your script.

– – – – –


If you’re looking for more info on the strategy that I used to get a producer, or what steps you should take to get your show on a stage, click here.


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