What you’re worried about when raising money.

Last week, I posted a question to find out what was worrying TheaterMakers about raising money. In a pandemic.

We had a slew of responses . . . which inspired me.  


Because it told me how many of you out there are taking your art into your own hands, and making it happen. Because what I’ve discovered by interviewing hundreds of successful TheaterMakers, is that success came the fastest to those who did just that.

And when you inspire me, I want to help.  

But first, here are the Top 3 Things That Worried TheaterMakers About Raising Money right now:

  1. How do I find people who want to invest . . . in a pandemic?
  2. How do I get investors to invest right now . . . while we’re in a pandemic?
  3. How do I make “The Ask” . . . in a pandemic?

You get the theme.  And I’ve got some answers for you.

I’ve been talking to investors over the last few months about how THEY are feeling right now and what is motivating them to invest (many ARE). I’ve also been chatting to many of my peers about how their work of raising funds for their productions is going – and their feedback has been super insightful.

I’m putting together all their thoughts and my thoughts into a Special Report on what is a very important issue. (Let’s face it – without investors and investment – whether that’s in grants, donations or commercial investments, theater can’t be made.)

The report will drop on August 17th at 8am EST. In 2021, I’m more mindful of everyone’s inboxes than ever . . . so if you want the report, click here and sign up. I’m going to deliver it only to people who want it.  

If  you’re looking to raise funds for the theater in the next 1-3 years, then click here. It’ll help.

And to kick off some assistance, I’ll give everyone who signs up and needs some help right now, a free copy of my book, “How To Raise Money For The Arts . . . Or Anything.”

Click here.

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