What’s the one thing you would change about Broadway?

Yesterday’s “Robot Vomit” poll got me in a pollin’ mood.  So, I had Intern Emily and a few of her friends hit Times Square, armed with a clipboard and a question.

This one was more general.  Emily et al asked 100 theatergoers in Times Square, “If you could change one thing about the theater . . . what would it be?”

We told the pollee, that they could answer anything except “lower ticket prices.”  (I think it would have been a pretty boring set of responses without that restriction, don’t you?)

I’ve decided to post all of the answers below, because I just find them so fascinating (since many of the people we spoke to were on the TKTS line, we also removed “shorter line” from the responses received).

When looking at free form response polls like this, I always look at the similar answers that pop up more than once.  Those are the ones that tell you something.  So keep your eye open for that while you read.

Oh, and I’m giving it away a little, but I’ll tell you that my biggest surprise from this list?  How many people said there was “nothing” they would change.  Makes you feel good, doesn’t it?

Alright, enough of the warm-fuzzies . . . on to the data.  Here is what a bunch of theatergoers would change about Broadway if they could:

  • Nothing!
  • Make ordinary people stars (don’t use celebs).
  • More dancing shows
  • Nothing
  • More matinees for people here just for one week
  • Nothing
  • More discounts
  • Getting a wrist band/anything that will allow you not to stand in line the day of getting tix at TKTS (Note from Ken – this is kind of brilliant)
  • Nothing
  • What does Partial View really mean?
  • Dinner before the show including with your ticket price
  • Nothing
  • More original Stories
  • Nothing
  • Revival of Les Miz (bring it back!)
  • Easier way to get tickets
  • It’s perfect!
  • More leg room
  • More intimate/smaller theaters
  • Nothing, love it all!
  • Comfortable seating
  • Start selling TKTS tickets earlier in the day
  • Big theaters
  • Free cocktails
  • More matinees
  • More locations to get discount tickets
  • Make an app for discounts
  • Put Producers names to promote them (Note from Ken – I swear I had nothing to do with this one – but we did tell this person about this blog I wrote).
  • Coupons
  • Open the doors to the theater earlier
  • More floor seating
  • More discounts
  • Nothing!
  • More “Big” shows with dancing
  • Easier way to get discounts
  • Comfy seats
  • Deal = buy one ticket get one free
  • More coupons
  • No intermissions
  • Book TKTS tix online so you don’t have to wait outside
  • Nothing, it’s great!
  • Buy tickets on your phone
  • Open doors at TKTS earlier
  • More room in seats at the theater!
  • More legroom
  • Better parking
  • Larger ladies rooms at theaters
  • Less musicals (take out the corniness)
  • Nothing
  • Nada
  • Seats while waiting in line for handicapped
  • Nothing!
  • More ways to get tickets online
  • I wished people dressed up more to see the show (have dress code)
  • Cocktails!
  • Put more discounts online!
  • Nothing!
  • Better theater etiquette
  • More hearing aids at the theaters

What about you?  If you could change one thing . . . just one thing about Broadway . . . and you can’t say, “cheaper tickets,” what would you change???  Comment away!


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