Where should you put your website?

Got a question the other day from a reader wondering when and where it was appropriate to list his show’s website.

I give you my answer in this photo of a Florida license plate.

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The state of Florida is so interested in driving traffic to their “Official Portal of the State of Florida” that they aren’t just putting the name of their state on their license plates, their plugging their website!

So there’s your answer.  Put your website everywhere you can.  Especially if your domain name isn’t the exact title of your show.  And with domain name squatters pouncing on more names than ever these days, odds are you’ve had to come up with some modification of your title for your URL (which reminds me . . . if you haven’t read the post of mine from last year on why you must grab your domain name asap, read it now.  I’ll wait).  Putting your site address in as many locations as possible is also important if your site isn’t coming up at the top of a Google search of your show.  (Need an example of what I’m talking about?  See this search for Awesome 80s Prom compared to this search for Memphis).

Websites are now a part of a show’s branding, like a tagline, a logo, or even the trademark sign.

And if a state government is doing a better job than Broadway at marketing their sites, then we’re even further behind the times than I thought!

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