Who won the tickets to Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

Unfortunately, for the Producers, Breakfast at Tiffany’s got more positive press from the nudity, then for the actual play itself . . . and the show announced it would be closing, gulp, tomorrow.

So sex may sell . . . but it doesn’t always recoup.  🙂

And the discussion about nudity on stage in this blog was a lively one, with over one hundred of you chiming in on the idea of seeing someone in the flesh from an orchestra seat.  It’s interesting that it still is such a high-interest topic, forty-plus years after Hair debuted.

The truth is, I think it always will be.  Watching someone acting on stage, is seeing someone put themselves out there in an extremely vulnerable and risky way. And when they shed their outer layers as well, it can become even more emotionally revealing (provided it serves the purpose of the play, of course).

Now, who is going to see this scene we’ve been talking all about?

Congratulations to Valerie Thompson, you win the tickets to Breakfast at Tiffany’s on Broadway!

Email me and I’ll set up your tickets.  But hurry.  There are only a couple chances for you left!

And I’ll see the rest of you on the blog tomorrow for our next giveaway.  And the great thing about seeing you on the blog, is that I’ll never know if you’re naked or not.  And you’ll never know if I am!  😉


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