Who won the tickets to Love Letters on Broadway?

This week’s giveaway is a great lesson for Producers and Writers.

See, when I came up with the idea to split the pair of free tickets and give away a single ticket to a single, and other single to another single,  and match them up, I thought, “No one is going to go for this . . . too weird.”

And then the blog got flooded with entries.

Sometimes, you can’t question what you’re doing.  Have an idea?  Produce it.  Make it happen.  Or as some say, “Ship!”  The audience will decide what they like and then you can react accordingly.

You liked this one.  So I’ll have to do some more stuff like it in the future.

The other fun part of this giveaway was reading about your own love letters to your “first crush.”

“His name was Bill, but everybody called him Chicken.”

“A) Like me B) Love Me C) No.”

And my favorite . . .

“Dear Santa, Even though I’m a little Jew, I still love and believe in you.”

Read all of ’em here.  But warning – you will lose at least fifteen minutes of your life getting lost in these hysterical and sweet stories.  And then you’ll lose another fifteen thinking about your first crush.  And then you’ll lose two hours trying to track them down on Facebook.

Ok, enough of that, who are the two people . . . who don’t know each other at all . . . but soon will????

The Producer’s Perspective match is . . .

Hilary Davis


Bryan Austerman

Congratulations you two . . . email me and I’ll connect the two of you to decide on the day you’ll see the show (notice how I didn’t use the word “date”).

Ok, now, I’ve got to get back to finding my crush on Facebook.

(Truly disgusting giveaway tomorrow so tune in!)


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