Who won the tickets to Story Pirates Off Broadway?

Oh man, I love me some improv.

As you may recall, I kicked off a story with one sentence for this week’s Sunday Giveaway for Story Pirates and I asked you commenters to keep it going, one sentence at a time.

Here’s what you came up with so far:

One upon a time there was Veterinarian named Dr. Bob.

He did not want to be a veterinarian when he was a little boy.

He wanted to join the circus when he was a kid because he like elephants.

He was always afraid of the elephants; yet,he felt a kindred connection to them.

He often named the named the elephants, sometimes after the Presidents.

As a kid he had an imaginary elephant friend named James Madison.

James Madison liked to act like a monkey and eat a lot of bananas.

Because James Madison was coconuts it inspired the hostess Dolly Madison confection

Being that Dolly Madison was a new elephant in the circus, an elephant he had not ever seen before, and that she was a female elephant, the younger Dr. Bob wanted to introduce Dolly to James Madison, and laid an elaborate plan to do so.

Like all elaborate plans, Dr. Bob’s began with a ten-step process- cleverly geared towards achieving his goal of playing matchmaker to his imaginary elephant friends.

SO he started an online dating service for imaginary elephants that was a huge success.

EXCEPT that one day Bob received an email from a very unhappy imaginary elephant named Monica Lewinsky who had somehow contracted a disease from an imaginary elephant she met on Bob’s dating site named . . . Hillary Clinton.

Not on my watch, thought Dr. Bob. He sent Monica to see his twin brother Dr. Tod, a psychiatrist, who, after several sessions, told Monica she was imagining things.


I love it.  Elephants, presidents and online dating.  Who could ask for more in a story?

And you know what?  This story will have no end, because this blog is going to live on until the end of the internet, and people will just keep adding to it.  Hehe.  We’ve achieved immortality!  As long as someone doesn’t comment “The End” at least.

Ok, enough improvy-comedy, lets see which one of you improvisers won the tickets to see Story Pirates at the Davenport Theatre.

And the winner is . . . Shira Dickler!

Congrats, Shira.  Email me to get your tickets.

Oh, and if you’re looking for more fun improv games to play on or offline, this is the book that I used as my bible when I created The Awesome 80s Prom and Gettin’ the Band Back Together.  And it still sits on my desk today.  Get it. It’s fun.


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