Why I celebrate Labor Day.

Happy L-Day, PPers.

It’s easy to believe the old cliché out there that all Producers are union-hating organizer-busters.  And it’s easy to believe that all card carrying members of any of our theatrical unions hate the Producers that hire them.

And it just ain’t true.

Years and decades and yes, a century ago, some short-sighted Producers took advantage of the hard-working folks that helped build Broadway and the modern theater as we know it today.  And thankfully, those workers got together with their brothers to establish fair wages and working conditions so that both sides could prosper when shows were successful.

And today, on Labor Day, myself, and I’m sure all of my peers, tip our hats to those that work on Broadway . . . whether backstage, in a box office, or in a dressing room wrangling a kid.   

I’m sure you do too.

Cuz it ain’t a hundred years ago, folks.  And there’s just no reason to believe that any union and any Producer are as much at odds as we sometimes like to pretend we are.

We’re in this together.  And if we could throw off the chains of old clichés and remember that, then the next several years, decades, and yes centuries could be even more successful than the ones past . . . for us both.

As a Broadway Producer, and a proud card carrying member of two theatrical unions, let me say thank you to all of the members of our Broadway unions.  You’re the best around, and I wouldn’t want to produce without you.

Happy Labor Day.


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