Why people will always go to a theater.

There’s a chill in the air and a Ricky’s “Pop-Up” Costume Shop on my block . . . so that can only mean one thing.

Halloween is almost here.

Along with the usual slutty nurses, and snack-sized Kit-Kats, Halloween also brings us a slew of scary movies at the cineplex.

This season, we’ve got a sequel that’s scaring up some serious business . . . Paranormal Activity 3 . . . which shattered a record last week with its $54 million opening.

Why did this one do so well?

That’s the question that was asked of Don Harris, Paramount’s President of Distribution.  Don had a lot to say about sequels, reviews, and more.

But it was his final response that reminded me why all those who talk about the “death” of theater are just plain wrong.

Ultimately, it gets back to why there’s still a theatrical business, why people still go to the movies.  We want to laugh in a group, we want to be scared in a group, people like to cry in a group in the dark where nobody can see them crying. It’s all the reason movie theaters exist and this genre has always been front and center.

Obviously, Don’s talking about his industry of course, and not ours . . . but all the above is a primary reason why people go to our theater as well.

We just have to work harder to make sure we don’t lose any more of our audience to Don.

Because that, would be horrifying to us all.


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