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Featured Book By Ken Davenport

Broadway Investing 101 Book Cover

broadway investing 101

how to make theater and yes, even make money

Have you ever thought about investing in a Broadway show? Or wondered how it worked? Ever imagine what it would be like to have been an investor in Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, or even Hamilton? Broadway investing, while without a doubt a high-risk investment, can be a fun, fulfilling and yes, even a profitable experience. That’s why I often call investing in Broadway shows, “The riskiest investment you’ll love to make.” Despite the risks, it is possible to find and invest in shows that turn a profit if you understand the mechanics of Broadway investing and follow my simple strategies of screening your investments, which I teach in this book. These strategies are the same methods that I use to choose my own investments, and are why I’m currently “beating the market” compared to the average success rates on Broadway, while supporting and advancing the art form I love at the same time.

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Broadway Investing 101 Book Cover