Yes, my Podcast Is Back! But like everything else . . .

I started my podcast 6 years ago.

And when the pandemic hit, I put it on pause, along with so many other things I was working on.  (The podcasted pivoted to my livestream, actually.  And if you want a real throwback, go back and watch those early episodes – when we had NO idea how long the shutdown was going to be.)

Now, as we start to move our muscles again and get ready for our return, I’m bringing the podcast back!

Buuuuuuuut, in the post-pandemic world nothing will ever be like it was, and neither will our podcast.  Like everything else . . . it’s gonna be different.

I used to have chats with Industry A-listers about their perspective on TheaterMaking.  (And you can listen to the 200+ episodes of that here.)

But now . . . I wanted to do something different.  So once again, I’m pivoting.

So now, I’m going to give you what I think you really want . . . something SHORTER!  🙂

Every Monday, I’m going to deliver a 5-15 minute micro-episode giving you the quick upshot of a timely, topical (and sometimes controversial) subject facing Broadway.  It’ll keep you in the know, and give you an insight into how I make theater.

And these episodes will also be where I answer the questions I get from YOU in my inbox.  So if you’ve got a question, email it to me:  And you just might hear my answer as well as a shoutout to you on the podcast on an upcoming episode.

The first one is live right now.

Subject?  it’s all about the steps Broadway is going to take towards full operation (because believe me – it’s not going to happen all at once – and every step has a potential disaster.)


Listen in on my perspective.

And follow the Podcast on Apple Podcast!

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