Yesiree, I’m livestreaming Daddy Long Legs . . . for free. (UPDATED)

Normally Monday blogs are reserved for my latest podcast.

But we had some breaking news last night, as reported by the New York Times, so I’m breaking my OCD ways and pushing the podcast ’til tomorrow.  Also, I’m just so excited about this latest endeavor that I can’t keep my mouth shut/fingers off the keyboard any longer.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a bit, then you know I’ve been championing the cause for distributing our theatrical content in new and internet-y ways.

And now, I’m putting my money where my mouthy blog is.

On December 10th at 8 PM ET, Daddy Long Legsthe gorgeous new musical by Les Misérables Director John Caird and Jane Eyre Composer Paul Gordon and now starring the husband and wife team of Megan McGinnis and Adam Halpin, will be streamed live, to anyone and everyone in the world . . . for free.

Audiences e-tuning-in will see the performance as it happens from the Davenport Theatre on 45th Street.  And, to accommodate the rest of the theatrical world, replays will occur at 8 PM Los Angeles time, 8 PM London time and 8 PM Tokyo time.  You can also expect some unique “Making of Daddy Long Legs” content, and some fun intermission chatter with the cast, and a talk back as well.

It’s the first time this has been done for a Broadway or Off Broadway show and I’m pretty stoked (mostly because I love the show so much, and I just want more and more people to get a chance to see it and hear it).

Like many things I’ve done throughout my career, a lot of people told me NOT to do this.  But, like many things I’ve done throughout my career, I’m doing it anyway.

Because if we’re going to keep up with all of the new and mobile ways people have to consume entertainment these days, then I believe we’re going to need to push the electronic boundaries of how our content is distributed.  And we have to remember that exposing our content to the world, doesn’t mean people won’t come see it live.  In fact, it is my belief that livestreaming content, showing currently-running musicals in movie theaters, will put more butts in seats, than take them away.  And certainly it has to help our industry as a whole.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a Broadway show for years, and have run numbers on it at least a dozen times.  At the moment, the Broadway model is too inflexible for it to make sense (never mind make “cents”).  Off Broadway isn’t that much easier (some unions get it more than others), but since I run the theater and since Daddy is a smaller scale show, it’s worth the experiment.

And if you don’t experiment in this business, and if you don’t experiment in life, then you’re failing to live up to your potential.  And I hate unrealized potential.

If you are excited about the possibility of livestreaming Broadway and Off Broadway shows, then I hope you’ll tune in to our experiment on December 10th at 8 PM ET (or for any of the replays).  The more viewers we have, the more there’s a chance of more shows streaming in the future.

Plus, you’re going to just love the show.

And then, wait until you see it live!


– – – – –

MISS THIS LIVESTREAM?  See Daddy Long Legs on BroadwayHD today. Click here.



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