You’re invited to our first . . . Shut Up and Write!

The world . . . and this city . . . and especially this business . . . are full of talkers.

There are so many people with ideas for plays, musicals, apps, inventions and even plans for how to fix healthcare.

But as I wrote about here, ideas are worth jack shipoopi.  What matters is doing something with your idea.

Believe it or not, I struggle with action-ing my ideas too.  You should see the list of the stuff I want to make, build, write, etc.  That’s why I’m constantly searching for new ways to trick myself into motion.

And one of the best methods of motivation I’ve learned over the years . . . is to schedule time for what I want to do, schedule a place for what I want to do, and surround myself with a community of people who want to do the things I want to do.

Because there is energy in numbers.  (This is why we created PRO.)

That’s why, on Saturday, October 14th from 10 AM – 1 PM, we’re hosting our very first “Shut Up & Write!”

If you don’t know what “Shut Up & Write” is . . . it’s exactly what you think it is.  You show up at a space, along with a whole bunch of other people, you stop talking about your ideas, and you start writing them.  It’s at a set time, it’s in a place nowhere near your TV, and you’ve got folks around you that are succeeding and struggling with the same things you are.

Wanna come?

I promise that by the end of the session, you’ll be further along with your project than you were when you walked through the door.

Our SU&W will be held right here in midtown Manhattan at a location only disclosed to those who sign up.  All you have to bring is your laptop/tablet/pad of paper, a positive attitude, and your desire to turn an idea into something tangible.  It can be something you’re working on or something brand new.  It can be anything.

We’ll provide the space, coffee, AND my Director of Creative Development and Dramaturgical superstar, Eric Webb.  Eric will hold Professor-like ‘office hours’ during the session, so you can ask questions about your project if you’re stuck.

Oh, there’s one more thing you have to do . . . register.

Because we can only take a limited number (we don’t have Yankee Stadium for this).

When you register, you’ll see that our SU&W is not free.  It costs a whopping $3.65.

How did we get that weird/specific number?

It’s the price of a Grande Latte at Starbucks.

Why are we charging that?

Because I’d bet that many of you spend at least that at a Starbucks every single dang day.

And if you’re willing to spend $3.65 on a beverage, but not willing to invest $3.65 into an action plan that will get you out of the house and get you further along with your project, then, well, no offense, but we don’t want you at our Shut Up & Write.

But if you want to write . . . and if you are smart enough to know that sometimes you need a little help from your friends to get you to your goals and fast . . . then sign up for our Shut Up & Write today.

We’re going to have some fun, meet some cool folks, and get some @#$% done.

See you there.

TheProducersPerspective’s SHUT UP & WRITE
Saturday, October 14th
10 AM – 1 PM
Midtown Manhattan Location disclosed to participants only.
Register here for the price of a coffee.


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