10 Great Holiday Gifts for the Broadway Lover in your Life. [UPDATED]

We’ve updated this blog with the best of Broadway gifts on the market in 2018. Enjoy!

Ho-ho-holiday shopping!

Theater people are sooooo picky.  How do I know?  I’m one of ’em.  My mom asks me for a list every year of what I want (she’s a good mom). And she knows by now to just get what’s on the list, or it’ll probably end up on eBay.  (I’m kidding, Mom.  Seriously.  I don’t sell my gifts on eBay.  Except for the George W. Bush autobiography, Decision Points.  That I sold.  Got about three cents for it.  I took it.)

To make things easier for you, I’ve made a list below of 10 Great Holidays Gifts for you to send to your friends and family, or for you to use to get something for the Broadway theater lover in your life.

Here we go . . . in no particular order!

1. The Be A Broadway Star Board Game!

If you don’t know about BABS (as we call it around the ol’ office), then you gotta be new to the blog.  Be A Broadway Star is the only Broadway board game on the market!  Ok, ok, full disclosure, I came up with the sucker.  I’m proud to say that every year we’re the #1 Broadway-themed gift on Amazon.  And check out those reviews!  And a brand new version just arrived in time for the holidays featuring the latest Broadway shows!  Get it.  Play it.  Win a Tony and tell me all about it.

2. A Playbill Binder

Playbills are probably the one thing on the planet that is given away free, yet is priceless to a Broadway fan (especially a NEW Broadway fan). Protect them in this binder that includes free sheet protectors.

3. A Broadway Puzzle!

If you’re like me, then holiday times at the parents’ house includes puzzles. So forget about the ones with windmills and skylines, how about one featuring Broadway stars!

4. Broadway Nail Decals

Need a stocking stuffer or a Broadway Secret Santa gift? This is it because it’ll come in under ANY budget.

5. The Untold Stories of Broadway, Volume 2

Need a book to curl up to in your new PJs?  Get Jen Tepper’s Broadway storybook . . . volume 2 (I’m in there somewhere!).

6. Broadway Playbill PJs

I just got a first-hand glimpse of these suckers last week at a holiday party.  No, no, it wasn’t that kind of party.  I happened to be chatting up the boss of Playbill himself, Mr. Phil Birsh, who had a pair of the PJs in his bag.  Me and the three others around us ended up talking about those PJs more than we talked about what shows we thought were going to close soon (Ahhh, Broadway holiday parties).

7. “I Love Theater Producers” Coffee Mug

The name says it all.  And who doesn’t love theater producers?  I’m getting one of these for the heads of all the unions.  🙂

8. Dance on Broadway Wii Video Game!

If this was around when I was auditioning for summer stock, maybe I wouldn’t have fallen on my a$$ trying to do a pirouette when I went in for The Music Man that one time (somehow I still got the job).  Wii is awesome for parties.  Dance on Broadway is awesome for Broadway parties.

9.  The “Teach A Man to Fish” Gift – A Membership to Pro!

If your Broadway fan wants to be more than a fan, then check out our membership site, which will teach him or her how to get from an idea to the page to the stage.

10.  Broadway Fantasy Camp

Here’s one for the Broadway theater lover who has everything (translation – it may be expensive).  It’s a chance for you to sing, dance and act with the stars.  They have private sessions and group sessions, so check ’em out and get the Idina Menzel-wanna-be in your life a chance to shine for a day.

And lastly, duh . . .

11.  Broadway Tickets!

One of the most common things I hear from theatergoers is that they wish they could go more often and that theater tickets are expensive.  That’s why tickets make great gifts.  And maybe they’ll take you with ’em.   Both Telecharge and Ticketmaster have gift cards.  And you’ll be supporting the theater that you love so much at the same time.

If you’ve got any ideas for Broadway-themed holiday gifts, share ’em below.  My mom is waiting.


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