5 Takeaways from the latest Get Your Show Off the Ground seminar

I have so much fun at my Get Your Show Off the Ground seminars, I can’t even tell you.  This past weekend I met with eight producer/writers/entrepreneurs to discuss their incredibly diverse projects which included a musical based on a pop culture celebrity, a musical based on a viral video, and a genre defying concept piece that was so cool it was hard to describe (we worked on that one a lot).

As always, here are a list of five takeaways from that seminar that I thought could help all of you with your projects.

1.  Beware of the Entrepreneur’s Curse of too many ideas.  Focus on a few.

2.  It’s fine to have fantasies (“I want Hugh Jackman to star in my show!” or  “This is going to be the first Broadway show that Spielberg directs!”), as long as you’re ok if those fantasies don’t come true.

3.  Can’t get a certain Producer to see your show?  Invite their Assistant.  Guess who has the Producer’s ear?  And more importantly, guess who is gonna be a Producer soon enough?

4.  Exceeding an Audience’s expectations is not always a great thing.  If you’re exceeding too many expectations, then your Audience doesn’t know what the #@$% they are going to see in the first place.  (And many people are probably not coming at all because of that.)

5.  Don’t decorate the house until you have a house.  In other words, put the merch line and the logo and the set design on hold . . . until you’ve got a script and a show that needs a merch line and a logo and a set design.  It’s easy to get ahead of yourself.  Don’t.
Hope those help!

Oh, and a little tip if you’re interested in hearing more advice like this for your project . . . because of my schedule, I’ve decreased the # of Get Your Show Off The Ground seminars I’m doing per year, and also limited the # of people per session even more.  That means they are selling out much further in advance.  The next one is August 18th.  Click here to get your spot today.


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