A New Newsletter That’s Not For Everyone

The theater is its own niche.

Inside the theater, there are micro niches.  And, unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information about some of these subsets.

Take the world of Broadway Investing and Producing, for example.

When I crowdfunded Godspell in 2011, I had a theory.  I postulated that there were a lot of people interested in the niche of investing and producing.   But they didn’t have enough information about it or access to it.

Godspell helped.  It wasn’t enough.

So, I vowed to increase the information in the world about this important subject.  (After all, Investors and Producers are what help make shows happen.  So if we could put more info out into the world that could help them, that could encourage them to make more theater!)

That’s why I started my blog.  That’s why I wrote a book called Broadway Investing 101 that has been used by both new Investors and those seeking Investors. 

And that’s why a few months ago, I beta-tested a brand new newsletter for the micro theatrical niche of people interested in investing and producing.

I sent it only to a small group of my Investors, peer Producers and more.  I called it The Recoupment Report.  It contained a curated list of recent articles and commentary that I found helpful to me as I try to increase the odds of my own success.

The feedback from my beta test was super positive.  

So now that I know it is helping more people than just me, I’m opening it up to you.

You can sign up here.  It’s a free email. Once a month.  With one goal: to help anyone interested in investing and producing increase their odds of success by seeing what is working and what is not – and how they can apply or avoid those strategies to their own shows.

It’s not for everyone.  But if you are interested in the world of investing and producing, it is for you.

Sign up for The Recoupment Report here.

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