A panel on (gulp) How to Raise Money. And I’m on it!

The most popular question that I get emailed to me from readers is, “How do I raise money?” or its derivative, “How do I find investors?”

And unless your uncle invented the straw, you’ve probably found yourself wondering the same thing.

My uncle certainly didn’t invent the straw, or the even that thing that squeezes a tube of toothpaste to make sure you get out every drop.  So, I have to ask myself this ‘meaning-of-life’-type question just about every time I set out to raise money for one of Broadway or Off-Broadway shows.

So where do you find investors?

This Sunday, August 15th, at noon, The Off Broadway Alliance will host a panel that sets out to answer this very question entitled, “Off-Broadway Financials:  How to Raise Money and Where to Spend It.”  Panelists include Producer and GM, Jamie Cesa, Marketing Guru, Hugh Hysell, Producer and Legal Eagle, Bruce Lazarus and me!

The panel is free, but it does require you to RSVP.

So come to the panel, and together we’ll see if we can come up with some great ways for all of us to raise money for our shows.

And just like every panel you ever attend, you should come a little early and plan to stay a little late.  You’ll do some networking, and maybe you’ll even find someone who wants to invest in your show.

Oh, and if that’s not a good enough reason . . . there are donuts.

RSVP here, and I’ll see you on Sunday at noon.  If you come, make sure you say hello!

(Oh, and Uncle Barry?  I really don’t care that you didn’t invent anything.  You taught me how to play Monopoly, and I wouldn’t trade those days for the world.)

– – – –

UPDATE FROM KEN:  This panel is long gone, but if you’re still looking for information on how to find investors and raise money for your show, I’ve got the answers for your.  Click here for info on how to learn how to raise money for your show. 

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