A simple appeal to the agencies about ad meetings.

This blog is a simple one, my friends.  Easy for us to accomplish, and symbolic for us going forward.

If you’ve been to an ad meeting for a Broadway show recently, then you’ve probably been crowded around a table with the many other members of the team.  One meeting I know had to have two rooms!  That’s ok.  It takes more and more people to put on a show these days, from marketers to digital marketers to the many producers that raise the millions of dollars necessary to pay all those people.

But in addition to all those people in the room(s), there are usually several people on the phone . . . and most of those are Producers who live in other places.

And that’s usually where things go a little wonky.

Someone doesn’t know where their mute button is, so the entire meeting hears barking dogs, or a conversation with the wifey, or . . . true story . . . a belch.  Someone else can’t hear the meeting well, and they say so every five minutes.  Someone hears very well, and speaks up every five seconds, throwing the meeting off track, because we all have to stop and listen to the person that’s not in the room.

It’s a bit of a disaster.

So, um . . . last I checked it was 2013, right?  And video conferencing is being done by 12 year olds with Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facetime, right?

Let’s get everyone who wants to call in to these meetings to do so on video.  It will create more efficient meetings, with more engagement, more accountability, and just more sh$t getting done.

See?  I told you this was a simple one.

Now, why haven’t we done it?  That’s a bigger issue.

Look, we’re always a little behind the other industries out there.  It’s not the agency’s fault.  We, as Producers, have to learn to ask for changes like this.

Because as Producers . . . as those who put the product on the stage . . . it’s our responsibility to grab the hand of our business and drag it into the next current decade.

If we don’t do it . . . who will?



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