Actors/Singers- The Perks of Writing a Musical

WHO: "The Perks of Writing a Musical"
    Producer: Tom Diggs
    Director: Bill Oliver
    Book: Tom Diggs
    Music: Jason Michael Snow
    Lyrics: Misha Faucher

SEEKING: Casting performers for the pilot of "The Perks of Writing a Musical," a scripted musical web series about JOSH, a teen gamer, passionate about technology but too shy to talk to COURTNEY, the girl he loves, so with the help of DARWIN his gay best friend, they secretly write her a musical version of her favorite book, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower." The pilot will include one musical number.

JOSH, looks 17, male.
Shy, uniquely good looking, intelligent, tech-savvy computer gamer, quirky off-beat outsider, plays the guitar – basic chords, knows what he’s feeling, but can only share it through his music and poetry, the cute guy who sits in the back of English class, the one you don’t ever talk to, but like a lot just the same, sincere, breaks your heart a little, unique looking young leading man, an updated grunge version of Ferris Beuller or Marty McFly, a young Jason Mraz, capable of great depth of feeling, has an artist’s heart.
Please prepare a contemporary radio song; pop/alt/grunge ok.

DARWIN, looks 17, male.
Plays the piano, well adjusted gay kid, charming, healthy sense of self, lots of personality, not a lot of angst, confident, not flamboyant, just a touch of the fabulous, gets along with everybody, garrulous, a people person, vocally sounds like he’s had training, he’s got a proud vibrato. Loves Josh, but not in love with him. A teen Nathan Lane, Christopher Fitzgerald, cute kid, great sense of humor.
Please prepare a traditional musical theatre song.

COURTNEY, looks 17, female
Josh’s strikingly beautiful mysterious ideal, kind, detached, quiet, still waters run deep,
An avid reader, she uses her intellect to escape. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is her favorite book because she deeply identifies with the main characters. Like Josh, she carries a broken heart. Unlike Josh, she is able to navigate the world of mainstream high school because she remains oblivious because she chooses to escape, sings like Pink, Jessie James or Hayley Williams.
Please prepare either a contemporary radio song, pop/alt/grunge song or traditional musical theatre ok.

MATT, 17 looks older, male
classically handsome jock, some weekends he passes for an undergrad and doesn’t get carded
Not a bad guy, just more aggressively after Courtney than Josh and letting her know it.
Strong, not an idiot, but simple in his view of the world. Might be the best looking guy in school.
Please prepare a contemporary radio song; pop/alt/grunge ok.

MS. PILGRIM, (38-48, flexible) female
The cool English teacher, the one you could tell your problems to, compassionate, a good listener, a little daffy, she’s got an incomplete novel or play at home she’s been writing on weekends for years, she’s better suited for Paris in the 20s, Greenwich Village in the 60s, San Francisco in the 70s, but not for these times, hence, a lot of her lesson plans involve fantasy improve and role play. She had other dreams once, but loves these kids too much to stop teaching. She considers her classroom her personal expression of creativity. Even though she has to be tough on the kids, we always know she has their best interest at heart.
Please prepare a traditional musical theatre song.

For more in depth information about the series and characters, please go to

Audition: January 29, 2011
Studio Recording Time: February 20, 2011
Shoot: weekend of March 25-28, 2011. (3-day max)
Rehearsal: TBD

NYC Audition: Saturday, January 29, 2011 by appointment only.

PAY: Negotiable

For consideration, email pictures and resumes to:
Please indicate in the subject line which role/s you would like to be considered for.
Deadline for submission: January 24, 2011, 6 pm.

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