Amazon can do it. Why can’t we? Earn cash with my new Altar Boyz affiliate program.

One of the first chinks in the armor of the big traditional media companies was first noticed in 1996, when turned us all into media companies with the unveiling of their monster affiliate system.

How does it work?  Sell one of their products via a unique link to their website . . . and make money.  As simple and brilliant as the straw, right?  Amazon got risk-free placement of their ads and extra traffic to their site, and the web publishers, no matter how big or small, found a way to monetize their online activities.

In other words, they got a free army of sales soldiers going into battle . . . for free.

Affiliate marketing is now in a zillion different online industries, and companies big and small, from Netflix to EasyFlirt, have all been reaping the benefits and giving great part time jobs to a lot of people passionate about those companies’ products (and those part time gigs are coming in pretty handy right now, I’m sure).

That got me thinking . . . if Affiliate marketing can work for every other business, why not Broadway and Off-Broadway, right?

Yet no one else is doing it.  Are you shocked?  I didn’t think so.

So, taking a cue from bigger businesses, as I often do, I’m proud to introduce . . .


Here’s how it work:

  1. Apply to be an Altar Boyz affiliate by clicking here.
  2. We’ll send you a personal code/link for a special discount ticket to Altar Boyz.
  3. Get people to buy tickets using your code however you’d like.
  4. For every ticket you sell?  You earn $10.  That’s right.  1 ticket = $10.  Sell 10 a day, make $100 a day!  Sell 100 a week, make $1,000!!!
  5. Retire early.

And did we tell you that the discount price you’ll have access to is only $45?  That gives you one of the best discounts available.  Put it on your blog or your facebook.  Email your friends.  Plan a group outing for your church/temple/whatever.  The amount of money you can make is only limited by the number of seats we have in the theater!

To read more about the program, click here.

And now, I have to run and see what else other big successful companies are doing so I can see how I can retrofit it to my business.

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