[Announcement]The World Premiere of JOY Will Be . . .

Yep, hold on to your huggable hangers, I have big news about our new musical JOY today.

But before I tell you when and WHERE JOY will make its debut, hear me out.  

Because it’ll make more sense if I pre-explain.

The greatest challenge for Broadway Producers these days isn’t marketing or raising money.

Don’t get me wrong, those are some big obstacles to getting a show on Broadway or anywhere.  It’s why I founded this

The biggest challenge for Broadway Producers BC (Before Covid) and NOW as well?

Getting a Broadway Theater.

There are only 41 of them.  

But remember, several won’t be available anytime soon.  Wicked, Hamilton, The Lion King, Phantom, Aladdin . . . those theaters are off the market for the foreseeable future.

And for musicals, many are too small to make the numbers work.

It’s not uncommon that Producers have to wait for YEARS to get their show on the boards.

Well, I’m not that patient.  

That’s why I’m going to do something a wee bit different with JOY.

Here’s what I’m going to do.

JOY is going to open on Broadway.  

Just a different Broadway.

No, not the Broadway in Fells Point, Maryland . . . or any of the “other” Broadways around the country.

We’re going to premiere the musical version of JOY on Broadway . . . in the Metaverse.  

That’s right. 

Since streaming was such a big thing over the last two years, I figure Broadway in the Metaverse is the next big thing.

So, over the past six months, I made a goal of trying to figure out the Metaverse and NFTs and all the crypto stuff that’s out there.  (Super thanks to Randi Zuckerberg for consulting with me on this – check out her Insta if you want a common sense understanding of how it works.)

Then, I became a user on the Metaverse site, SUPERWORLD, and I bought a virtual plot in Times Square.  Cost me quite a few ether, but NYC real estate always goes up, right?

I’m constructing a virtual theater on that virtual plot.

And that’s where JOY will premiere . . . LATER THIS YEAR!  

No waiting.  No rent.  Just JOY

Fun, right?  

Super thanks to Joy herself, for being game for this “invention”.  Couldn’t do it without her blessing.  

If you want to see the plans for my virtual theater, and sign up to be the first to get tickets to the very first Metaverse Broadway musical, click here.

If you are unsure what the Metaverse is, click here.

And here we go!

P.S. If you’re ready to speed things up but know you need some help, get on a call with my team. They’ll give you an honest assessment of where you are and if you’re ready to go to the next stage. Click here.

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