Are you a multi-hyphenate? Try this!

As a TheaterMaker who wears many hats (Producer, Writer, Director, Actor, Educator, etc), it can be difficult to know how to delegate your time.

How are you supposed to make time for writing, producing, and auditions, while balancing your personal life and other responsibilities?

Let me start by saying . . . you are not alone here. 

A few years ago, I went to my mentor because I was overwhelmed with everything I needed to do for my show.

They recommended I start calendaring my day. And I honestly haven’t looked back.

And now most of my team does it too!

You may feel like you need to be in several places at once to make progress in all of your disciplines. But this is not the case! To make sure that you are moving forward in all areas, calendar your day.

Have you heard of this phrase?

Calendaring your day will help you stay organized and efficient . . . and help you reach your goals faster!

I find that I’m most creative in the morning, so I write from 6 to 7 AM. Then, from 11 AM to 12 PM, I work on any Producer tasks I have for my upcoming shows.

This allows me enough time for other important parts of my life, like spending time with my family or working out.

>> Click here if you want to see an example of my calendar.

Your day will look different from mine and it may even change over time. That’s ok!

Some other tips:

  • Set aside time each day (preferably the same time) for each discipline.
  • Set your times like they are doctor’s appointments – make sure you SHOW UP.

P.S. Want to talk more about this strategy and others that will help you get your show up on stage in 2022? Grab a time on our calendar that works best for you here.

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