Avenue Zoo Performers – Sharon Wheatley Casting

WHO: Sharon Wheatley Casting

SEEKING: Auditions are being held for a spring/summer production of a new musical performing at The Bronx Zoo/WCS. All performances will take place at an outdoor venue at The Bronx Zoo Asia Theater. This show is being developed in association with AVENUE Q and stars Kate Monster and three other animal puppet characters. Although the show in the style of AVENUE Q using puppetry and song, it is rated “G” and for families and children.
All actors serve as the understudy for the actor who is also playing their role.


Original music by Robert Meffe, lyrics by Allen Kendall
Book by Sharon Wheatley and Allen Kendall
Directed by Sharon Wheatley
Choreographed by Jacob Brent
*AVENUE Q theme song by Bobby Lopez and Jeff Marx

2 Actresses to play KATE MONSTER: Smart, funny and a kindergarten teaching assistant, Kate is devoted to her friends. Being a monster, she does have a bit of a temper and can roar like a lion. Kate was playing Angry Birds on her iPhone and missed the Avenue Q subway stop, finding herself lost and at the end of the line, Avenue Zoo.A comedic actress with heart, early 20’s. Mezzo.

2 Actors to play the dual role of SHANI THE LION/HARVEY THE VULTURE:SHANI THE LION: Shani is a young male who enjoys his sleep. He is a proud young man, full of pride for his pride. He has one weakness; he is scared of monsters. Kate Monster shows him that not all monsters are "bad" monsters and they end up becoming friends and having a "roar" contest before Shani abruptly falls sound asleep. Shani never leaves the stage and although he occasionally wakes up, he can be put to sleep quickly by singing a lullaby, which eventually the kids in the audience will learn to sing, too.HARVEY THE VULTURE: Harvey is a “King Vulture” and the oldest resident at Avenue Zoo. The "headliner", he is a Borsht Belt comic. He sings vaudeville songs and tells bad jokes. He wants Kate to join his act at the Safari Room so he can be the entertainment king again (every good act can use a cute girl). He thinks the name Kate Monster is too scary in lights, so he wants her to change her name to "Katie Dimples". They sing a song about things that seem scary, like Monsters and Vultures, but how in the end everyone has a heart.A comedic actor who is good with voices in his early 20’s. Pop Bari-tenor.

2 Actresses to play BABY THE GREEN TREE PYTHON:Baby is a socialite and very beautiful. She is fearful of Kate because she worries that Kate wants to catch her as a pet. Fiesty, Baby may have "pet names" but she's no ones pet. She sings a song about how it is okay to be a little bit wild, because not all animals are pets. She encourages Kate to be self-reliant and find her own way home.A comedic actress who will also second hand Harvey the Vulture. Early 20’s. Pop/R&B alto.

1 Actress to serve as Stage manager and the understudy for all roles. This actress will also run the sound console for every show. Seeking someone responsible and talented.Seeking any ethnicity and type for all roles.

WHEN: Time Commitment: 2 thirty minute shows per day, performed on Saturday and Sundays for the duration of the spring and summer season. Shows are 12;30 and 2:30. They will be performed on the following dates: April 21, April 22, April 28, April 29, May 5, May 6, May 12, May 13, May 19, May 20, May 26, May 27, June 2, June 3, June 9, June 10, June 16, June 17 2012, June 23, June 24, June 30, July 1, July 7, July 8, July 14, July 15, July 21, July 22, July 28, July 29. August 4, Aug, 5, Aug, 10, Aug. 11, Aug. 17, Aug. 18, Aug. 24, Aug. 25, Aug. 31September 1, September 2, September 3These dates will be divided between the two casts, with the exception of the Stage manager/understudy who will be at every show.

PAY: Pay is $100 per day.

HOW TO APPLY: Open call on March 14th 10am-2pm. Monitor arrives at 9:15am.

Where:Pearl Studios500 8th Avenue**4th floor(Note! Not 12th floor)

Notes/What to bring:Please prepare 16 bars of a song in the comedic and musical style of Avenue Q.

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