Broadway Industry Networking Event TONIGHT!

Let me ask you something!

You ever see something and wonder, “How the heck did this get produced?”

Wait, let me be more specific.

You ever see something and wonder, “How the heck did this get produced . . . when my shows haven’t been produced?”

Yeah, I had a feeling.

You want the answer to that question?  Because I have it.

Somebody knew somebody.

It’s true.  We may not like to hear it because we all want to live in a world where great work, and HARD work gets rewarded.  But the truth is, knowing the right people gets rewarded a lot more often.

That’s why I’m a huge fan of networking, and of getting out there and meeting people face to face.  Cuz here’s the thing.  When you meet someone, you expand your network not only by that person, but by every person that person knows!

Want an example?  One investor of mine who invested just $7,500 in a show introduced me to someone who invested six figures in my next show . . . and then that person introduced me to someone else who invested even more in my next several shows!  When you network with one person, you get access to that person’s entire network.  It’s networking magic.

I know that getting out there and meeting people is hard for a lot of writers.  I get it.  Cuz I’m like you believe it or not. I’d rather sit in front of my computer and try to type, type, type my way to success.  But typing can only get you so far.  Talking to people can get you even further.

All of this is why I sponsor networking events, and we have one coming up TONIGHT, Thursday, April 6th from 6-7:30 PM right here in New York City.  And if it’s anything like my last one, it’s going to be a blast, and plenty of great connections are going to be made.

Want to come?

To get an official invite, all you have to do is join TheProducersPerspectivePRO today and you’ll get an invite to attend for free.

So click here to sign up and I hope to see you at TONIGHT’S event!  And bring some questions, I’ll be happy to help . . . while I’m eating those free appetizers.

(By the way, the reason we keep these Networking events exclusive to PRO members and our Mastermind members is make sure we have folks in the room who are serious about their success, rather than folks who want to come just for the free appetizers.  ????  We want like-minded people to meet like-minded people . . . because great things can happen with that kind of chemical reaction.  Hope that you’ll come mix it up with us.  If you can’t join us for the networking event, now is still a great chance to join Pro.  Next month’s webinar is already getting a lot of buzz . . . and instead of paying $149, you can pay only $97.  Join today.)

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