Where the next Hamilton is coming from.

If you’re a follower of my blog, then you know I watch trends like a hawk who has been hired to be a lookout by another hawk.


And that’s why I had to tell you something I just realized about ideas, and where I think the idea for the next big fat Hamiltonian-sized hit is going to come from.


And I’m going to reveal it to you right now.


The next great idea is going to come from . . . anywhere.




Have you taken a look at what’s on Broadway right now?


This season alone has a totally original new musical doing over $1mm a week called Dear Evan Hansen.  It has an original musical based on one of the most tragic events in world history called Come From Away that is also doing close to $1mm and in a big time race for the Tony.  It has a semi-immersive musical that is based on a few pages of an epic piece of Russian literature called Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812.  The season also has a couple big movie adaptations (like my Groundhog Day), a comedy first staged in a pub (my Play That Goes Wrong), and more.


So the formula for getting a show on Broadway is simply . . . there is no formula.


While sure, I’d argue that certain shows have a higher risk than others, but done well, anything can succeed (remember when Fun Home won best musical AND recouped?).


That’s why just scouring movie catalogs for ideas is a mistake.  That’s why just looking at public domain novels is a mistake.


You should look everywhere . . . from movies, to novels, to political figures, to fairy tales to Hallmark cards, for goodness sake.


Ideas are everywhere.  So keep your eyes open, let one inspire you.


And then execute it awesomely.


Go get ’em.




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