Calling all Directors for the only Director Database online.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about the importance of the Director in a theatrical production.  (The gist of that blog was that since shows are meant to be seen and heard, not read, the choice a Producer and Writer makes for the person who realizes what’s on the page for the senses is a big one.)

And as you’ve heard Director after Director say on my podcast, they all like to get involved with shows early.

In fact, one of the first staffers that I suggest Writers and Producers bring on to their projects is a Director.  A Director not only helps with the dramaturgy, but the right Director can attract Investors, theaters, Actors, and more.  Hal Prince told me this years ago when he said, “Ken, you want a show to happen?  Get me to direct it.”

But how do Writers and Producers find the right Director?  Especially if they’re not looking for Hal Prince . . . instead they are looking for the next Hal Prince.

Ironically, I’ve spoken to three Directors in the last two weeks who’ve told me they are looking to direct . . . anything . . . anywhere.

So we have Writers and Producers who need Directors.  And we have Directors who need Writers and Producers.

Something has to be done to bring these folks together.

In the past, we’ve held Writer-Director speed dates, but that isn’t enough.  We needed something permanent.  Something accessible.

We needed . . . Facebook for Directors.

So we’re building it!

We’re building the first and only online database for Directors.  So if you’re a Director, click this link, give us your details, and we’ll make your resume and information available to Writers, Producers, Industry Professionals, Agents and anyone else looking for someone to captain their ship (don’t worry, this database will be protected so only screened candidates will have access).

Consider this database . . . an online Yente. (Yes, I did see Fiddler on Friday night.)

In an industry that is all about who you know . . . it’s amazing how few opportunities there are to connect with other people.  So we’re going to connect ’em online.

If you’re a Director, click here.

If you know Directors who are looking to direct more, send them this blog.

I can’t wait until we make our first match!


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