Equity Principal Auditions – “Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating, & Marriage”

WHO: Producer/Director Ken Davenport, Written by Sarah Saltzberg & K. Davenport

SEEKING: Equity Principal Auditions for "Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating, & Marriage"

Miss Abigail- 50s-70s. Widow. Warm, funny, hip and attractive in a hot-grandma way. Equally at home baking cookies or talking about sex. She is a nurturer, and wants only to help her followers find love (though she herself has a hard time seeing that love can sometimes be staring right at you … and speaking with a Spanish accent). Think Florence Henderson meets Dr. Ruth. Actor must be a strong improviser and comfortable with audience interaction. VERY OPEN TO STAR NAMES.

Paco- Mexican man, 20-30something. Miss Abigail's hot assistant. Paco acts as stage manager, prop man and side kick for Miss A, and he would follow her through the gates of hell if she ever decided to go there. His love for Miss A comes from a personal belief in her teachings, as she helped him get over a breakup several years ago and offered him a job. Paco loves Miss A – more than most assistants love their bosses – and tonight is the night he decides to do something about it. Actor must be a strong improviser and comfortable with audience interaction. SEEKING ACTORS, IMPROVISERS, AND/OR COMEDIANS.

ABOUT: Five years ago, Miss Abigail opened her mailbox to find the screaming “Star Magazine” headline that changed her life forever: "Jen and Brad SPLIT!" Determined to find out why modern love seemed so elusive to so many, Miss Abigail started re-reading her collection of vintage dating, mating and marriage books, and was moved to action. She made it her mission to use the classic advice of a simpler time to solve the contemporary troubles of the lonely-hearted, and began a column in her local paper. The column lead to a blog, which lead to a celebrity following, and finally a national tour. Now on the 12th stop of this tour, Miss A and her ever-adoring assistant Paco are spreading the word that sometimes in order to go forwards, you have to go back.

WHEN: 1st reh.: On/about 9/16/10. 1st preview: On/about 10/7. Opens on/about 10/24. Open-ended run at the Downstairs Cabaret Theatre at Sofia's, eight shows per week.

PAY: $499/week minimum.


When: Equity Principal Auditions:
Tuesday, August 24, 2010
9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Lunch from 1 – 2.

Where: Actors' Equity Association Audition Center
165 West 46th Street, 2nd Floor
New York City

Notes/What to bring: Please prepare a brief, contemporary comedic monologue. Please bring a picture & resume, stapled together.

www.missabigailsguide.com www.davenporttheatrical.com

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