Equity Principal Auditions- Titus Andronicus

WHO: Stephanie Klapper Casting and Titus Andronicus


 Lavinia: 20s. Titus’s daughter. A young beauty. Lovely, brave and strong-willed, while still remaining girlish. Possesses a sense of righteousness that, at times, can border on haughtiness. In love with Bassianus. Victim of a brutal assault that leaves her incapable of speech and extremely traumatized. Role for an actress with incredible emotional and physical range. 

Tamora: 40s. Queen of the Goths. Powerful, earthy, sensual, voracious. Ruthlessly protective of her honor and her children. After Titus sacrifices her son, she vows to destroy Titus and his family. Intelligent, cunning, she is a master of manipulation, which she effortlessly employs to control those around her and to exact her revenge. 

Saturninus: 30s–40s. Eldest son of the deceased Emperor of Rome. Rash and impatient; has the volatile temperament of a spoiled child; likes to get what he wants, and he’s dangerous when he doesn’t. Able to change his loyalties on a dime. When he is rejected by Lavinia, he breaks with Titus and marries Tamora. Feels threatened by the public support that Titus and his family have earned, and allows himself to be easily manipulated by his vengeful queen. 

Bassianus / Publius / Aemilius / Nurse: Multi-role track. Bassianus: 30s. Saturninus’s younger brother, betrothed to Lavinia. Fails to become Emperor at the top of the play, but, in contrast to Saturninus, is a virtuous, moderate and honest man. Challenges Titus’s power, and invokes his wrath by stealing away with Lavinia after Titus unlawfully promises her to Saturninus. Publius: Nephew of Titus who cares for him after he is visited with misfortune. Aemilius: Nobleman of Rome. Warns Saturninus of Lucius’s growing power, and acts as ambassador between camps. Nurse: Brings Aaron the illegitimate child of Aaron and Tamora, and informs him of Tamora’s wish that the baby be killed. 

Aaron The Moor: 30s-40s. Tamora’s secret lover and partner in crime. He is the agent of action who helps Tamora’s dreams of revenge become reality. Strong, violent and cruel, but simultaneously charismatic, charming and sexy. Extremely intelligent, and trusts no one. Patient, cunning and chillingly logical in his plans for violence. 

Chiron / Voice of Quintus: Dual-role track. Chiron: 20s. Tamora’s younger son. Like his brother, he has a pitiless, violent and dangerous nature. Engaged in a perpetual battle for dominance with his brother. Lusts after Lavinia. Voice of Quintus: Another son of Titus; falls victim to the same plot as his brother Martius. 

Young Lucius / Alarbus / Mutius: Multi-role track. Young Lucius: Actor plays 13–15. Young Lucius is Titus’s grandson. On the cusp of young adulthood; the horrors inflicted on his family force him to grow up quickly. Alarbus: Tamora’s son. He is sacrificed at the tomb of the Andronici in exchange for the Roman casualties of the Gothic War. Mutius: Titus’s son. Murdered by Titus in a fit of rage when he disobeys his father and sides with Bassianus and Lavinia.

WHEN: 1st reh: 11/1/11. Runs 11/29-12/18 at the Anspacher Theater.

PAY: Public Theater Off-Broadway $736/week minimum.

HOW TO APPLY: Friday, September 16, 2011, 10 AM – 5:30 PM, Lunch from 1:30 – 2.

Actors' Equity Association Audition Center
165 West 46th Street, 2nd Floor
New York City

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