Favorite Quotes: Volume IV


“Ambition wins over genius 99 percent of the time.  Sooner or later, the other guy is going to have
to eat, drink, go to
the bathroom, get laid, or take a vacation, and that’s when I catch him.”
– Jay Leno

Jay doesn’t think he’s that smart.  Ironic, because I think it takes a genius to say what he did and to do what he has done.

Does what he say work?  Well, when both he and Letterman went back to work without writers, he came out on top.  In fact, when the ratings came out, NBC Late Nite Programming Chief Rick Ludwin said, “The audience made the decision of which of the two hosts they wanted to watch . . . They made the decision 13 years ago.”


I get called a workaholic a lot.  I hate that word, because I don’t think it’s work when you love what you do.  But hey, if Jay is a workaholic, then by all means folks, slur away, because that’s some nice company and maybe Jay can take me for a ride in one of his 180 cars at the workaholic convention.

Want to read more about Leno’s work ethic and how much he loves what he does . . . so much in fact that he acknowledges that it was ok that he trumped Letterman and got paid less?  Click here.

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