Free Webinar – The Road to Broadway

Of the hundreds upon hundreds of writers I’ve spoken to over the years, I can think of only one that did NOT want his show to get to Broadway.


And you know what?  His show actually ended up on Broadway.  🙂


Let’s face it.  We all want to land on Broadway.  It’s the Major Leagues for the theater.  Even when you write a show that you know is better suited for Off Broadway or the touring circuit, if some Producer offered you a chance to play the Palace, you’d take it, right?


But how does a show actually get from your computer screen to a Broadway stage?


Well, it’s a long and winding road to Broadway.  But that road DOES have specific, tangible “mile markers,” that virtually every show must pass before it gets to The Great White Way.


And like I talk about in my book, having these interim “mile marker” goals, helps make the overall journey to Broadway that much more possible.


Do you know what those “mile markers” are?


It’s ok. Most of the writers I speak with and coach don’t know them either.


But they are essential for everyone to understand if you want your show to someday land right here in New York City.  (I know, I know, it seems like a dream . . . but it happens . . . just ask Keith Huff, who was an unknown writer until Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig signed on to his show, A Steady Rain, in 2009, and now he writes for a ton of TV shows including House of Cards.)


Because these “mile markers” are so important to your journey, I’m doing a FREE Webinar on The Road to Broadway, where I’ll outline the path that 99.99% of shows take on their way to Broadway.


We’re running the webinar a few times.  And it’s totally free.



And have a great writing weekend!



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