Podcast Episode 117 – 4x Tony Nominated Producer Eva Price

I knew right then.

It was, oh, 2005, I think?  We were at the Starbucks on Columbus Circle.  My best buddy had asked me to meet a friend of his who just started producing.  “Sure,” I hadn’t had the Producer title for very long myself, with Prom and Altar Boyz just getting off the ground, so I was happy to meet anyone looking to do the same thing that I was.

The woman that showed up at that ‘Bucks on that fall day was Eva Price.

And I knew in about fifteen seconds that she’d go on to do a lot more than the Off Broadway show she told me about.

And she certainly has.

Eva is one of the youngest Lead Producers on Broadway, having produced shows such as Peter and the StarcatcherColin Quinn’s Long Story Short , A Time to Kill  and others.  She also found a terrific niche for herself (owning a niche is a great strategy, y’all) producing concert events on Broadway like The Four Topps and The Temptations.

She’s also a super prolific Off Broadway Producer (this season’s sensational Small Mouth Sounds was a standout) at a time when most people run screaming into the night when you mentioned the words Off Broadway.

And yeah, if you were jealous when the Alanis Morissette musical was announced this past week, that’s Eva’s.

Eva and I “revived” our Starbucks chat, but this time we recorded it, and we talked about all things including:

  • How being bored in the news business led to a career in producing.
  • Why she’s glad her first show only ran 6 weeks and did NOT succeed.
  • How she raised the very first money she ever raised . . . with a COLD call!
  • The challenge of being a woman in this business . . . and being a woman Producer in this business.
  • What the hardest part was about breaking into the Broadway business . . . you’ll be surprised by the answer.

I’ve done a lot of podcasts now, but this is by far one of the best for those of you just starting out in the business.  Eva came from another business and started with no contacts, no office, and no rich relatives funding her every move.

Learn her lessons by listening today.

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Sorry about the sound issues in this podcast. We found the bug and fixed it in later episodes. It gets better, I promise 🙂

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