Front of house with freckles.

Broadway and Off-Broadway shows take advantage of every inch of space on those walls, as well they should!  (Producer’s Perspective Tip: – get your FOH up as soon as your theater owner will allow, even if it’s only temporary images. Every day your art is up = thousands of impressions at no cost.)

My company is doing the advertising and marketing for a family musical called Freckleface Strawberry (based on the book by Julianne Moore), and when it came time to design their Front of House at New World Stages, we presented them with a standard design that we were confident would make the passerby take notice.

And then, the General Manager of the show reminded us that a passerby is not what we wanted.  We wanted a stop-and-buy.

She suggested the fantastic display you see in this photo.  And I can call it fantastic, because it wasn’t our idea.

Inspired by funhouse mirrors that get people to stand in front of them and stare, we made a mirror with freckles, so that our prime demographic would stand, stare, have fun, and interact, all while soaking up our message . . . which is all about having fun!

And it’s working!

It was a reminder that just because an advertising form is flat, doesn’t mean it can’t stand out and grab you.

This idea was unique, interactive, and different from all the other displays around town.

Oh, and it was exactly the same price as any other display would have been . . . because creativity doesn’t cost cash.

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