Google makes surveying your audience easier.

Give Google enough time and they’ll figure out a way to beat just about every competitor out there (except for Facebook, of course . . . that Google Plus just doesn’t seem to be taking off).

The latest Google product to get me all hot and bothered is Google Consumer Surveys.

If you’ve been reading this blog for longer than, oh, a day, then you know I love research like Mama Rose loves her Dainty June.  Too many decisions are made in this business by folks sitting around an ad table (who probably haven’t purchased a theater ticket in the last decade), without consulting the people that actually have to figure out how to get a babysitter, how to get the best seats, and how to afford our high prices.  (I just talked about this subject in this blog a few weeks ago.)

Well, like Superman to the rescue of a cat stuck in a tree, here comes Google with a survey design tool (not unlike Survey Monkey or Wufoo), that when combined with the Google network, allows you to actually find your customers!  Yep, forget me running to the TKTS booth to find out what the word Broadway means to theatergoers.  Forget me having to worry about how to collect enough email addresses from theatergoers so I can find out if 7 PM curtain times have an effect on Tuesday night theatergoing (not as much as you’d think) . . . . now Google has come up with a way to reach those theatergoers directly and online.

I’m excited.  You should be excited.  Because while gut instincts go a long way in this business, there is nothing better than being able to talk to the people that buy your tickets.

Oooh!  And I think I just came up with my first idea for a survey!  Stay tuned!


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