Hal gave me the day off.

Ever been in a room and had something to say and then someone beats you to it?

And you just find yourself saying . . . “Yeah. Yeah. What he said.”

That’s how I felt when reading this article about my favorite mentor, Mr. “I had 2 Best Musicals and 1 Best Revival running at the same time” himself . . . Hal Prince.

Some buzz quotes from the famed Producer/Director to whet your appetite:

There have been a lot of shows, but how many of them do what theater should be doing:  ‘Astonish me!

And what about the $1.50 ‘maintenance fee’ on each ticket?  Why should the audience maintain the theater?  Isn’t that what the theater owner is supposed to do?

I used to produce a show a year.  If one didn’t work, maybe the next one did.  I made a living in the theater.  You can’t do that anymore.  You can’t produce a show a year when each one costs $14 million.

Thanks for giving me the day off, Hal.

And thanks for inspiring me to work through the night.

Read it here.

– – – – –

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