Hey, big business can learn from us too, you know!

I preach pretty much daily about how Broadway and the Arts could afford to take many a cue from the big business world.

Well, I forget sometimes that we’ve got a lot to offer too, and our relationship with traditional industry might be more reciprocal than it seems.

Enter The Economist, which featured an article about the Arts and Management last month.

The first paragraph of the article contains these two sentences:

Artists routinely deride businesspeople as money-obsessed bores.  Many businesspeople, for their part, assume that artists are a bunch of pretentious wastrels.

True that, Econ.  True that.

But as the article concludes, and as I agree, the best of all business requires an artist’s imagination to forge new ground, and the best of all artists need a businessperson’s wherewithal to insure that their art has a life.

So I guess we’re stuck with each other.

Maybe we should kiss and make up instead of calling each other names.

Read the article here.  And special thanks to reader, Nurul, for sending it on.

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