How a bite-size Kit Kat can make you more productive.

Someone was nice enough to drop a bag of those bite-size Kit Kats on my desk the other day.  Since it was the time of day I like to call “Sugar Time” (which is the same as Tea Time, but without the fanciness), I ripped open the bag and popped one into my mouth.

Mmmm.  Chocolatey wafery goodness.

Pop goes another.

And one more.

Then I went back to what I was doing (which was writing a blog).  And then I popped another.

15 minutes later, I was staring at a giant mound of bite-size wrappers.  I mean, it was like there had been a mini Les Miz-like French revolution on my desk, but instead of furniture and wagons, the students used Kit Kat wrappers to make their barricade.

I looked at the wrapper carnage and had a thought.  I pulled out one of the wrappers and looked at the number of ounces of wafery goodness.  Then I multiplied it by the number of bite-size bars that I ate.  Then I compared that total to the number of ounces in one regular size Kit Kat.

Surprise, surprise . . . I had eaten exactly the equivalent of one-and-a-half regular size bars in one sitting.


It was so much easier to devour more of those little buggers when they were bite-size.  Breaking the bars into little pieces not only made them easier to manage, but it also made each piece like no big deal.  Unwrap, chomp, done.  Next?

Little packaged portions made them easier to eat.  And I ended up eating more.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all devour our work in the same way?

We can.

Take whatever project you’re working on, and break it down into the little bites. Don’t try and digest the whole bar all at once.  Go piece by piece by piece . . . and “put it together.”  (Another one for all you Sondheimites).

You’ll end up doing more before you know it.

And unlike eating Kit Kats, you’ll probably end up burning calories in the process.

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