I wanted to be a Goonie. Didn’t you?

Goonies was on TV in the wee hours last night.

I was 13 when I first saw it.  When it was over, I started looking for buried treasure in my own backyard.  Why not?  I lived in an old and historical part of the country.  If Sean Astin, Corey Haim and that red head that was also in Lucas could find some doubloons, surely I could too, right?

You all know this feeling, don’t you?  It’s when you see A Chorus Line and you want to dance.  When you see American Idol and you want to sing.

Your shows have to inspire people . . . to move them so much that they want to do something.

Do that, and then do you know what else they’ll do?

They’ll see your show over and over again.

That’s right.  You bet your Chunk I stayed up until 4 AM, watching Sloth save the day and One-Eyed Willy sail off into the sunset, even though I’ve seen it 30+ times before.

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