If there is such a thing as a book club . . . then why not . . .

Yep.  Finish it with me . . .

Why not a play club . . . or a musical club.  Right?

My mission as a theater professional is to amplify the conversation about the theater.  More people talking about it gets more people interested, which gets more people going, which gets more people telling their children about it . . . and repeat cycle.

Yesterday, WOMMA helped remind us that a good chunk of the precious resource known as word-of-mouth occurs offline.  So, our challenge in promoting our products/shows and the theater in general is to find ways for our customers to have these conversations.

Hence the idea of a Play Club . . . or a Musical Club.

It’s simple really.  7 easy steps.  Ready?

  1. Declare yourself the organizer.
  2. Invite friends . . .  1, 2, 10, doesn’t matter . . .  to your place to discuss a play/musical/cast recording of your choice (bonus if it is running on Broadway now)
  3. Have food, drinks . . . especially the liquor-ish kind.
  4. Discuss the play/musical/cast recording.  Read some scenes/sing some songs aloud.
  5. At end of night pick next play/musical/cast recording and set next day/time to discuss (best to make it the same time every week/month)
  6. Congratulate yourself, because you just helped create WOM.
  7. Repeat from the beginning.

Seriously, these clubs should be all over creation, especially in cities and counties that are far away from the Broadway.  This is a way for you to keep in touch with what’s going on here (and regional theaters and touring houses that are trying to teach their audiences to keep current – this is a fun, low cost way of doing just that).

So start one today.  You’ll be helping the theater tomorrow.

(Need a better guide to starting a club? Check out Oprah’s guide on how to start a book club and just replace book for play, musical, cast recording, or whatever you’d like!)


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