If you only do one thing today, make it this.

Watch Smash.

Smash is the much anticipated, heavily advertised, prime time, major network, Broadway drama about the making of a Broadway musical.

It’s about Broadway, it’s shot on Broadway, it’s written by a Broadway writer, directed by a Broadway Director, and stars a whole bunch of Broadway peeps.

And if there was one thing that could have an atomic bomb-like impact on Broadway theatergoing, Smash is it.

Sure Glee is great, and makes singing showtunes not as geeky as it used to be, but Glee is more of a pop-sical, whereas Smash is the real thing to the core.

And even a mediocre showing on the Nielsen ratings chart means that millions of people will be getting intimately acquainted with the making of a Broadway musical.

So imagine, for a second, if it was more than mediocre.  Imagine what a smash Smash would mean to theatergoing and theatermaking all over this country.

So watch it.  And force your friends to watch it.

Here are the deets:

Monday, February 6th. aka TONIGHT
10 PM EST/9 CT.

Football season is over.  It’s time for our season to start.

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