Let’s swap . . . jobs.

I witnessed a heated . . . (clearing throat) . . . “discussion” recently between two industry pros who believed they were on opposite sides of the industry.  The “discussion”  . . . (cough, cough) . . . escalated into some sort of bizarre competition of who had it harder working on Broadway.

“Well, I have to  . . . blah, blah, blah.”

“Oh yeah?  Well, you don’t even understand what I have to do when I  . . . blah, blah, blah.”

It was pretty gross, actually.  And I wanted to slap both of these men on the hiney (because they were acting like babies) and say, “News flash – both of you are right – working in the theater ain’t easy for anybody.”

I did manage to restrain myself from spanking them . . . because, really, what good would that do except give Michael Riedel some fun stuff to write about on his new Twitter account?

Instead, I thought . . . what if Broadway had one of those swap jobs days?

Where a Producer becomes a stagehand. A designer becomes a musician.  An actor becomes a box office treasurer.  And so on . . . and so on.

Maybe we’d realize that every job, no matter how good it may seen from the “other side,” has its own set of challenges and obstacles in this business.

And then, if we had walked in each others shoes for a day or two, maybe we’d all have a better perspective for the next set of union negotiations,

And maybe we’d prevent future (ahem!) “discussions” and realize that that we’re all on the same side after all.


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