Local Equity Auditions – Marie Antoinette

WHO: American Repertory Theatre (Cambridge MA) and Yale Repertory Theatre  (New Haven, CT)

SEEKING: Actors (m/f) for this co-production.

MARIE: 25 – 35, female. 18th Century Queen of France. At one time adored by many, she eventually was partially blamed for the start of the French Revolution, convicted of treason, and executed by guillotine. At once terribly immature and indulged, and also deeply innocent — spiritually complex and capable of extreme pain, rage and vulnerability. She is mercurial; she can turn on a dime. There is something translucent about her emotionally. This role demands a virtuosic performance; the actress playing her needs to have a real facility with both screwball comedy and classical tragedy.

LOUIS XVI: 25-40, male. Marie’s husband. Ruled as King of France and Navarre until 1791, and then as King of the French from 1791 to 1792, before being executed in 1793. Awkward, uncomfortable in his own body, neurotic, shy, scared, immature. At times deeply fragile – but capable also of occasional acts of extreme courage. He’s king – but he never should have been. He’s the opposite of “kingly.” He and Marie make absolutely no sense together.

DAUPHIN: male or female to play a boy of 8-12 years old. The son of Marie and Louis, he has lived a privileged life and is a victim of all of his comforts being stripped from him, one at a time. At once incredibly fearless and plucky, eventually lives a life of fear and deep vulnerability. Looking for male or female actors who can play 8-12.

YOLANDE DE POLIGNAC/MRS SAUCE: 25-35, female. Of Marie’s two friends, Yolande is the less sincere. Resents Marie, but covers well. Mrs. Sauce – a peasant farmer. Looking for actors with good comic abilities.

EMPEROR JOSEPH//MR SAUCE/GUARD 3: 25-40, male. Emperor Joseph, Marie’s brother, seethes with irrational rage at his indulged sister. Constricted, tight, restrained by his station and devoted to all it implies. Marie makes him crazy – both with jealousy and anger. Mr Sauce – peasant farmer. Guard 3 is an enraged man capable of terrible brutality and emotional violence but also surprising empathy for Marie and vulnerability.

THERESE DE LAMBALLE: 20-35, female. Of Marie’s two friends, Therese is more sincere. Kindness incarnate. Also terribly co-dependant and incapable of really taking care of herself. Petrified of conflict.

ALEX FERSEN: 25-40, male. A Swedish Count, a Lieutenant General in the Royal Swedish Army, one of the Lords of the Realm, diplomat and statesman, and the alleged lover of Marie. Dashing, kind, cosmopolitan gentleman. The kind of man Marie should have been with. Playful, but also careful and delicate in how he deals with Marie. Tender hearted but powerful.

Auditions – Thursday, April 5, 2012 by APPOINTMENT
9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Lunch from 2-3.

American Repertory Theatre
64 Brattle Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Equity Members without appointments will be seen throughout the audition day, as time permits. A monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

1st rehearsal 7/24
1st preview 9/1
Open 9/7
Close 9/30.

Yale Rep DATES:
1st reh 10/8
1st preview 10/26
Opens 11/1
Closes 11/17

A. R. T.: $765 – $800/week.
Yale: $566/week minimum. Theatre states that it will pay $765 – $1150.

Appointments – please email Casting@amrep.org or leave a phone message at 617-496-2000, ext 8840

Please prepare a classical or contemporary monologue, 2 minutes or less. Bring a photo/resume stapled.


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