Long Story Made Short: We’re Having A Sale Of Stuff At Our Theater.

Ok, this is kind of breaking news, but I’m not going to dwell on it too much.  Because business (and life) is about moving forward.

As of February 1st, The Davenport Theater, which I opened five years ago and named after my great-grandfather, Delbert Essex Davenport (see here), will close its doors.

It’s been a helluva run, and I accomplished the most important thing I try to accomplish with every endeavor of mine . . . I learned a ton.

So why’s it closing?  Well, there’s no real drama here.  I never owned the building (if only!), and my lease is up.  And we’re not re-upping for the #1 reason why most leases aren’t renewed.  We couldn’t make a deal.  (And I think the landlord has some other plans for the space.)

As much as I’d still love to have that gem of a place, I can’t let that emotion get in the way of what the spreadsheet shows . . . So there are no hard feelings, and I’m super thankful to our landlord for letting us give it a go for the last five years. And honestly, the timing couldn’t be more ideal, really, as I’ve been re-focusing my efforts on what I really want to do (if you follow my blog, you may have noticed that I divested myself of my Group Sales Business as well as DidHeLi keIt.com as well).

So into 2019 and beyond we go . . . slimmer and ready to focus on what we want to focus on . . . producing shows and helping others produce shows.

In the meantime, we got a @#$#-ton of stuff in our theater.  And we gotta get it out by 1/31/19.  Which is good news for you.

If you need chairs, risers, keyboards, a fridge, a piano, microphones, etc., then you’ve come to the right blog.  All of the stuff below is for sale, and we’re taking all reasonable offers.  Email my fantastic theater manager (who is looking for a new gig, by the way, and I highly recommend him) to take a look.

Here’s the list . . . and if you’ve visited my theater over the last five years, thank you for your patronage!


Music Stands
2 small Refrigerators (one is broken)
various chairs and stools (14-16)
Electric Pianos (3, one upright, 2 to be put on stands 1 of which doesn’t work very well)
Keyboard Stand
Standard Upright Piano
Ladders (3)
Small side tables (2)
Coffee Table
Rehearsal Cubes (5)
Tall Fans (5)
Industrial Fan
Portable AC unit
Plastic Tables of Various sizes (7)
Ironing Board
Various platforms
Black Fabric Chairs (88)
Silver Metal Chairs  (46)
Costume racks (2)
Water Coolers (4, are we renting these from the water distributor?)
Mirrors (2)
Industrial Projector
Two Computers
One plastic Drawer
Wireless mics (2)
Wired mics (2)
Various cleaning, office, and maintenance supplies


Email britt@davenporttheatre.com to schedule a visit to check out the stuff.  We expect it to go quickly, so get down there!  It all has to go by 1/31!

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