A buffet of statistics from The Shuberts about Broadway tickets buyers.

Another set of “Market Notes” (the super-informative every-so-often email from the folks at Telecharge) arrived in my inbox last week chock full of all sorts of stats and demographics about the Broadway buyer and just what makes them . . . click.

Here are the latest morsels of ticketing goodness from the guys who literally own almost all the data on Broadway buyers, with a couple of comments from yours truly..

  • 44% of our out-of-town buyers (tourists) arrive by plane, which means they are staying for more than one day.   (KD says, “Look for airport advertising to rise in the future.”)
  • The preferred date for out-of-towners to arrive is on Saturday, with Friday next, and Thursday after that.  (KD says, “Not surprising, but good to know when your street team should be in the streets.”)
  • Only 42% of ticket buyers know that some/most Broadway shows have regular priced tickets that are less than $60 (rear mezz, balcony, etc.).  (KD says, “Educating the market about these lower priced regular tickets could be one of the ways we wean the public off discounting and the TKTS booth.”)
  • 95% of those surveyed searched for info about shows online.  (KD says, “Got Adwords?”)
  • 84% said they visited a theater site like Playbill, Theatermania, etc.  (KD says, “Got advertising on those sites?”)
  • To find out what’s playing on Broadway, 29% said they visited one of the aforementioned sites, versus a paltry 12% who read the NY Times in print or the 5% who visited NYTimes.com.  (KD says, “Sorry about it, NYT.”)
  • Fewer than half use the NY Times ABCs section, and 2/3 of the group that do, are just looking for info on how to buy tickets.  (KD says, “Half is more than I thought, but it’s still not a place where you’re going to change a mind, so just give folks the info they want so they buy fast . . . before they get distracted by an enormous Book of Mormon ad.”)
  • 54% of NYCers, 61% of suburban audiences and even 40% of in-town tourists watch morning TV shows.  (KD says, “Morning TV is a great way to sell tickets to a musical.”)
  • NBC and NY1 are the channels of choice.  (KD says, “Hello “Today Show.”  And Pat Kiernan doesn’t get paid enough.”)

Quite an all-you-can-eat buffet of info this time around, no?  Stuffed?  There are lots of little useful tips for all of us to implement in our advertising and ticketing initiatives.  Big shout out to the Shuberts for revealing this info to us all.  Our industry is only as healthy as all of its parts.  And the info above will strengthen individual shows and therefore the business as a whole.


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