Making your butt feel better in your seat.

Theatergoing can be uncomfortable.  Let’s face it.  With legroom that seems designed for the people of Lilliput, and a number of bathrooms that couldn’t even accommodate the Duggars never mind 1500 people, we’re not exactly the most user-friendly experience in town.

But the folks at Jujamcyn are doing everything they can to change that.

In a whirlwind of a 48 hour changeover (that must have cost a fortune in stagehand OT), all the seats at the August Wilson Theater got a ‘buttover’ in early January with new, state-of-the-art ergonomic seating designed by a company called ProBax.

As producers and theater operators, whether in this city or around the world, whether you have a 1500 seat house or a 50 seat house, we put most of our energy into making sure that thing that’s on the stage, whether it’s a play or a musical or a dance piece, is the absolute best it can be.

What is easy to forget as we focus on that primary goal is that an audience’s experience from their seat, can actually enhance (or the reverse) how they feel about what they’re watching.

Seat backs and bathrooms may not be sexy, but they do have an impact on sales.

Watch the video below (or click that link) to hear Jordan Roth talk about the impetus for change, and then give Jujamcyn mad props for keeping our butts on the top of their minds.




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