Male Peformers – Fire In The Eyes Theatre Company

WHO: Fire In The Eyes Theatre Company's ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA

SEEKING: Male Actors who possess a hunger for transformative physical theater. Note: the roles of Antony and Cleopatra are cast. Performers of all backgrounds and ethnicities are encouraged to apply.

This is an intimate all-male production.

Octavius Caeser:

Genius intellect. Not a soldier, and has no plans to become one. Does everything by the book. Has a deep love and respect for Antony, but possesses the far-sight to see the forest for the trees. He is more concerned about the good of the nation than the good of the individual. He is in no way a villain, but sees himself as an outcast; regarding this fact with a certain measure of pride as he believes all monarchs to be inherently separate from their people.


A soldier in Caesar's camp. Very close and dear friend of Enobarbus. Seductive, intelligent, and Caesar's right hand man. This actor should be either extremely strong physically, or wickedly attractive, or both.


Antony's right hand man. Quick-witted, sharp, loves to steal attention. He's been a soldier in Antony's army for several years; loves his captain like a brother. Very ambivalent about Antony's recent lax behavior in his military duties, and therefore masks his fear with humor.


Another soldier in Antony's army who's worked under him for several years. Deeply loyal. And profoundly prophetic; constantly inundated by messages and visions from The Beyond since he was a child, so prone to weird and usually startling quirks. Feels/senses everything.


A very loyal bureaucrat possessing a deep moral code. The peacemaker incarnate equipped with a touching gift for convincing. Able to see both sides of every argument. A man who's the friend to everybody, no matter what.


Cleopatra's Lady-in-Waiting. She is in every way her mistress' subtext. Her best friend and confidant. Witty and sensible, reasonable and wise. Knows her station, yet knows when to break it. Loves Cleopatra like a sister. This actor should be strong physically, as this role requires a lot of lifts (i.e. Cleopatra). 

HOW TO APPLY: Email photo/resume to

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