My new iTunes Terms and Conditions are how many pages?

How many of you have iTunes?

Now, how many of you have EVER read the iTunes Terms and Conditions that pop up and require you to click “I ACCEPT” before you’re able to download Autotune’s “Bed Intruder Song.”

The last time the T&Cs appeared on my iPhone, they were 55 pages long!  Ok, that’s in iPhone pages, but still!

Who’s reading this stuff?  Anybody?  They could have a “you must eat brussels sprouts” clause buried deep on page 37, and I’d have no veggin’ clue.

Obviously, me not reading an agreement or me eating brussels sprouts is not a good thing.

So, are these super-long agreements over simple issues the result of ambitious self-preserving lawyers?  Or is it the fault of overly litigious consumers who hires lawyers in an effort to make a quick buck?

The irony of some of these contracts is that they were written in an effort to protect the consumer, producer, artist, etc. . . . but because most consumers, producers, artists, etc aren’t reading them, and may make decisions without reading them, they are actually less protected.

Take aways?

1.  Read your agreements.

2.  When creating contracts, ask for simple, straightforward agreements from your lawyers and reps that address the practical issues you expect to face.

3.  Hire help if you don’t want to read your agreements, or don’t understand them.  $500 now could save you 10x that later.

4.  Yes, eat your brussels sprouts.

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