NYC’s segregated arts societies and what we can do about it.

I went to a fashion event this evening.  In addition to seeing a Real Housewife of New York, a dude sportin’ a handlebar mustache and Kyle MacLachlan, I realized something . . .

I don’t know anyone from the fashion industry.

Come to think of it, I don’t really know anyone in NYC’s film community either.  Or TV for that matter.

Yet all of these people work, live and socialize just a few blocks away from where I work, live and socialize.

So why does it feel like all the arts sectors in NYC are on different planets?  Seriously, why does walking through the fashion district feel like I’m on Mars (it may be because of the 6’4″ women I always see clutching a portfolio wishing it was a lunch box).

Sure, our unique art forms require unique talents, so crossover is hard.  But not impossible.

Remember that scene from The Godfather where Don Corleone brought the heads of the families to AC for a big sit down to work out their differences?  Maybe we should do the same every six months or so . . . and get the big players from the big entertainment industries together in a room to figure out what we could do to together.

The scene in The Godfather ended with a hit on a few of the bosses.

I have a feeling a meeting like the one I’m proposing would be a hit of a different kind.

Do you have an idea on how we can unite our industries?


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