What we can learn from “Jersey Shore”.

Yep, believe it or not, there is something to be gained from those guidos and guidettes that have four-ways in tequila-filled jacuzzis.

I watched a few minutes of the super-successful show on my descent into LAX last week.  I was horrified, of course, but I was a teensy bit hooked.  Why?

It’s not the stories, it’s not the scenery . . . it’s the Snooki.

Interesting and unique characters are at the core of all successful “shows”, televised or not.  Obviously, you need to avoid spray-tanned caricatures, but at the same time you need to remember why you can’t stop watching shows like this, or movies like The Godfather or plays like Hamlet . . .

These are fascinating people that you don’t meet on every street corner.

So when I sit down and write nowadays and find myself stuck in a boring scene, I repeat this little mantra . . .

You wanna ’em hooked?  You gotta give ’em just a bit of Snook.



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