Oops. He did it again.

Here is a
quote from the Local 1 press release yesterday stating that talks for
the Broadway stagehands strike have stalled once again:

going home to get some sleep, shut off my phones and not check e-mails for the
next few hours.” – Bruce Cohen, spokesperson for Local 1.

Good to know that during this crisis, while thousands of people, Local 1
members included, are staying awake at night wondering when their next paycheck
is coming, Mr. Cohen isn’t available to take their calls or anyone
else’s.  I guess if the League wanted to settle and put everyone back to
work, and get the shows open for the thousands of disappointed tourists, Mr.
Cohen would be unavailable. 

And, remember,
Mr. Cohen WROTE this release.  He wanted everyone to know that he was
taking a nap.

Being a leader
means being available; whether you’re running a company, a country, or a
canasta competition. Being a leader means that people depend on you.  And
when people depend on you for their checks or their confidence, you have a

There are a
lot of perks that come with being a leader (including getting paid during
strikes while everyone else is out of work, I’m sure), and if you have to
sacrifice some sleep during moments of great crisis, then so be it. 



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