This blog is about . . . exactly what you think it’s about.

For those of you who have seen my iPhone commercial, (it still blows my mind to even type those words), you’ve heard my description of my latest show,  My First Time.  “It’s about… exactly what you think it’s about.” 

A  friend of mine was mocking me with a spot-on impersonation the other day and the more he repeated those words, the more I realized something:

My First Time is about what you think it’s about.  And that has made my job as a  salesman (aka marketer) that much easier.

Let’s look at my other shows:

The Awesome 80s Prom.    Well, that’s about exactly what you think it’s about too.  A Prom.  In the 80s.  And it is awesome (full disclosure – I am related to the producer therefore I may be biased).

Altar Boyz.   Hmmmm.  Not as easy.  Is it really about altar boys?  And is it really about what our current society thinks of when they think of altar boys?  Nope.  And guess what our biggest problem with marketing Altar Boyz has been?  Convincing people that it was not about what they thought it was about.  Oops.

Your title is the name of your product.  It’s your first crack at marketing.  Word of mouth is always going to include the name of your product, so that word of mouth is spread a lot easier when the title helps to explain exactly what your product is.

Sales/marketing to people who have never heard about your show is initially about education.  You have to educate them that your show is an option.  And then you have to educate them as to what your show is about.  It certainly helps when your title helps do that for you. 

Because like it or not, people do judge a book by its title.


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